Friday, May 30, 2008

Angelina Jolie on July's "Vanity Fair"

Who that is?!? Bitch don't look like that no mo'! That is a straight up work of fiction! Angie talks with the mag about adopting, saying, “When I was growing up I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents. It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other. I look at Shiloh—because, obviously, physically, she is the one that looks like Brad and I when we were little—and say, ‘If these were our brothers and sisters, how much would we have known by the time we were six that it took into our 30s and 40s to figure out?’ I suppose I’m giving them the childhood I always wished I had.” You know, I always thought that if I ever decide to have children, I wanted to adopt. I feel that there are just so many unloved children in the world without parents and I do not believe that love is dependant on blood relation. It's just a personal decision that I feel would be right for me. But ever since Womb Raider here starting collecting babies, every damn time someone asks me, "When are you going to have baaaaabies?!?" (which is like, ALWAYS), and I tell them if I do, I want to adopt, it always comes back to Angelina Jolie! Yeah, cause adopting a baby is the same as, say, copying a shade of lipstick you saw on your fave actress. Dumb asses! Besides, by the time I get around to adopting, bitch will have probably scooped up all the available orphans of the world anyway. Take that, Mia Farrow!


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