Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christina's "Inspired"

Christina Aguilera has a new fragrance coming out and no it's not the scent of her own vomit mixed with tartinis and Jordy Jizz. Although with all her late night partying, she probably has much more of that than she knows what to do with. The sultry singer and new mom with be launching "Inspire" for men, which is expected to hit stores on September 1st. Christina said that she wanted a scent reminiscent of perfumes for guys. "Inspire" will consist of fruity aromas like mango, citrus and freesia, but be dominated by a seductive smelling tuberose and musk. Actually sounds pretty good to me. I poitively adore Christina, really. I just wish she'd take it easy for like, five minutes. We know she's a hot mom already. She doesn't need to go out every night showing us.


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