Friday, May 30, 2008

Clay Aiken is Going to Be a Dad. Say Wha?!?

Talk about raaaandom! Clay Aiken, gay extraordinaire, is going to be a dad! The lucky beard is his 40 year old producer, Jaymes Foster. They conceived using artificial insemination of course. Because vaginas are icky and make him giggle.
"Aiken lives with Foster – described as his "best friend" – when he's in L.A. and plans to be involved with parenting their child, TMZ reports"
Clay, you have got to come out of the closet now. Seriously, no straight male that isn't David Crosby or Flavor Flav would ever volunteer to be a chick's sperm donor. What a lonely life Clay must lead! I don't mean to get all sad sack, but I can only imagine that going through life denying I am who I am would be a downer. Bitch always looks so damn depressed! Come out and taste the rainbow already Clay!



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