Friday, May 30, 2008

Daisy Lowe for Agent Provocateur

Before I go any further, the name Daisy Lowe sound familiar to you because she is the daughter Gavin Rossdale never knew he had. Remember his ex came out of the woodwork a few years ago and was all "Oh hey! BTW! You have a daughter who's like, 16! Didn't you get the email? Oh? You changed your email address? Shit, sorry about that!" Anyway, she's a model now and apparently a slutty slut as well. In the new GQ, she admits she cheated on her boyfriend, saying, "I cheated on my boyfriend, and he hates me for it. I'm like, 'Well, I haven't seen you, and I want attention! I'm a model, for fuck's sake!'". She also says that depite the fact that she is banging Mark Ronson, she wants to have her ex's baby, "I'm a sucker for romance. I still hold on to the fact that, one day, once I’ve got my career thing done, I can meet up with Will again. I’d love to have his children. I’ve been a crying wreck since we split up. I’ve never loved anybody as much as him." Kids these days! Sounds like her mom really raised her right! I can see why she didn't call on Gavin for help. She really had that whole situation under control. Anyway, here's Daisy for Agent Provocateur. If I was a rich girl, I would buy out their whole collection. Their shit is so dope.



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