Friday, May 30, 2008

Eau De Crap

In an effort to exploit himself even further, Usher is going to be creating a fragrance for babies. Yes, babies. Because there is nothing babies love more than having perfume and cologne and other harsh chemicals sprayed in their faces so that their rich ass parents can brag to their rich ass friends. It's true. I speak baby and they totally told me so. His 6 month old son is the reason why Elizabeth Arden through Liz Clairborne Cosmetics signed a deal for a baby fragrance. Well, that and shit in the brains. I mean, come on! Fragrance for babies? I wish these celebrities would just stop already. You have enough money! How much could you possibly need?!? I can't speak for everyone, but I know I personally have never looked at a baby and thought, "You know what you could really use? Some Benzophenenone-2 mixed with a little Propylene Glycol and a hint of musk. Yeah. That would definetely suit you."


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