Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hudson and Armstrong Caught Doing It In Bathroom At Cannes?

If this is true, these are my kind of people. Showbiz Spy says, "A witness spoke to Hudson in the bathroom at a Dolce & Gabbana event when Armstrong walked out of one of the cubicles. The source said: “I asked her what she was doing. Kate blushed and laughed - and then Lance walked out of a stall topless!” Let's just get something straight. It's icky when you say a dude is topless. At least to me. Don't you find that wierd? It's "had his shirt off". Moving on, what I actually find suprising about this is that these damn hippies were using a bathroom. Aren't they supposed to dig holes and wipe their asses with leaves? And to be fair, I'm sure they thought the bathroom was just some sort of communal gathering area, which would have been a perfectly acceptable place to have sex in. In fact, that is probably one of their favorite parts about having sex in the commune. There's usually someone like, five feet away to toss you a towl, a bong, and a Mr. Goobar.


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