Thursday, May 22, 2008

In The Name Of The Lord, I Rebuke You!!!

Quick! Someone get me some holy water, a cross, garlic, a mirror, and my girl's trusty rusty fave flea market jacket! Little Orphan Zoe has clearly been posessed by a demon! Probably a privileged, upper East side wife who had an affinity for fabrige eggs and tweed and had a heart attack when she caught her husband cheating with her best friend Mitsy. I bet she has unfinished business, like throwing husband Charles' favorite golf clubs in the fireplace and wrecking his beloved "Prince Charles III" yacht that he showed more affection to than her. No one found it suspect that our Little Orphan Zoe showed up to the Chanel 2008/09 Cruise Show? It wasn't really Zoe! It was Biffy! Biffy knew that Charles would be there and just showed up to set her plan into motion, exacting her revenge! Someone must stop the ghost of Biffy! We cannot have her to continuing trashing LOZ's rep as America's favorite rag-tag rich girl! Pantsuits on Zoe is like pastel flowers on Dave Navarro. Just plain unsettling!
(LOZ and her favorite coat-in happier times)


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