Monday, May 26, 2008

Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson swapping Fugly J. Crew Sweaters

I suppose that Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are officially a couple now? The two are currently in Monaco together for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Wheel of Misfortune! The same cycle of sluts are always dating one another. For instance-Lance Armstrong dated Sheryl Crow who dated Owen Wilson who dated Kate Hudson who is now dating Owen Wilson. I'm sure I could go on, linking this whole granola eating, bike riding, bong hitting, just keep living crew together. But it would be extremely cumbersome and really, Rainman could get lost trying to analyze that shit. So after Lance and Kate break up (and you know they will), that means it's Sheryl and Kate's turn to have a go at it. And Matthew McConaughey has to hook up with Owen Wilson. Someone has to mend his broken heart.


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