Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Madonna Does Cannes

Now see, a decade ago that sentence would have meant an entirely different thing. Madge graced the Cannes Film Festival with her presence to promote her new documentary, "I Am Because We Are" about orphans in Malawi. Can we talk about how fabulous she looks? I mean really! That dress is too fabulous. And what's that I see? A smile?!? Clearly in that first picture, Sharon Stone is extremely concerned about Madge, as she is making this strange foreign upturned movement with her mouth. She seems to be frantically asking her, "All you alright?!? Someone get her some water! Quickly! I think she's trying to tell us she's having a heat stroke!" And poor, poor Guy Ritchie. Jesus he looks miserable. I think he's trying to send us SOS signals with his eyes. Can't we do something? I'm telling you, we need to find the name of a good battered woman's shelter and send a carrier pigeon to him with the info. It's his only hope!



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