Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Doubt Reunion, or Rich People Exchanging Gifts?

Quick! Someone bang the drum! Someone pick up a goddamn guitar! Write some lyrics and ASAP! Get this No Doubt Reunion ball rolling before they start and forget about the whole thing! Quit toying with us already! The whole gang- Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian hooked up yesterday in Long Beach at McKenna’s Seafood Restaurant. How bad do you wish for a No Doubt reunion? As much as I do? I know Gwen is an uber multitasker, and if anyone can be in labor while recording an album, I am definetely sure it's her. On a seperate note, do you think a teeny, tiny, teensy weensy part of her still loves Tony Kanal? I mean, she wrote another song about him on "The Sweet Escape", so I'm going to say yes. First love, what can you do?


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