Friday, May 30, 2008

Robert Downey Jr. to Play Hefner on the Big Screen?

Apparently there is a big screen production of the life of Hugh Hefner being worked out, so naturally, actors are being mulled over to play the porn mag mogul. And word has it that Hefner himself not only wants Downey to play him, but has signed off on the actor to play him in the movie. Sources say that Hef was impressed by RD Jr's "humor and skill in showing his vulnerability" in the new Iron Man movie. The movie's working title so far is...wait for it..."Playboy". Impressive. Personally, I think RDJ is a terrific actor, with real range. But out of all his movies, "Iron Man" is the one he's being recognized for for his "humor and vulnerability"? Really?!? Who knew Iron Man was so deep and had so many layers!


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