Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Many STDs, So Little Antibiotics

Maxim held it's annual Hot 100 party and what can I say? They should have locked their asses in there quaranteened that damn place like "Right at Your Door". You need to contain those weapons of vaginal destruction! Anyway, the attendees were anything but hot. Unless you've already had 12 shots of jagger and then, perhaps. And that's a definet perhaps. With the exception of Shane Sparks who looked depressed as hell to be there. You don't belong there, Shane! You are too hot, too talented, too smart, and too precious to be mingling with the likes of those losers! Other than that, same shit, different smell. Shana Moakler was used and bruised as usual, Robin Antin looked like a mummified corpse from ancient Egypt that just finished screwing the ghost of Tutankhamun, and Steve-O looked like the mask from "Scary Movie". But that Chris Evans! He almost got me! You see, he was wearing a shirt that said, "Police", so I actually thought he was the police. You see what he did there? He wore a shirt that had the word of a profession on it, which makes you think he does that for a living! Ha ha! He's so funny and smart! He almost got me there! Almost! Maybe next time!

Travis Barker & The Pussycat Dolls

Shane Sparks & Kat Von D and Tila Tequila & Marissa Miller Genuine Draft

Amanda Bynes & Stacy Keibler Elf

Vince Vaughn & Christina Milian

Jenna Jameson & Bai Ling



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