Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Be Gay or Not to Be Gay, That is the Question

First, Michael Lohan said that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's relationship “is evident to anyone with half a brain. Now he is claiming that he never said it. No takesies backsies! “I never said anything like this,” Michael explains. “I’ve never even looked at the pictures of Linds and Sam, so how can I comment on this?” Referring to his daughter’s recent revealing pictorial in New York Magazine, he continues, “Just like the Marilyn Monroe pics, I’ve never looked at these photos either. This is just another way of some evil person spreading a vicious rumor to try to hurt my relationship with my daughter Lindsay.” Ugh, who cares?!? He doesn't even talk to her! And why does she have to be full out gay? Everyone is expecting her to come out of the closet. Like she can't like the dudes and the chicks? Personally, I think that love is love (or lust is lust, whatever.) Just because she likes or loves Samantha Ronson now doesn't mean she didn't like or love an exboyfriend in the past. Same thing Cynthia Nixon has been saying all along. No closet to come out of! This isn't Anne Heche we're talking about. She's not strictly dickly, and not a full on les. Dina and Michael need to get a life. Their own life i mean. On a desert island. Far away from their children. Actually, far away from everyone's children, and anyone that might have children in the future. Those bitches are straight fucked up.


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