Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tyra's New York Times Cover

O.k., so everyone hates this cover because she is being compared to the likes of Oprah and Martha. But all that aside, I love the cover. It's clean and fresh-which I love-and the hair-orgasmic. If I had that much, I would be in the bathroom with a brush and five cans of aquanet saying my prayers to baby Jesus. Tyra may be hella annoying (after all, everything you've done, she's not only done but invented), but there's no denying that she's created quite an empire for herself. Without any scandals. You have to admit it-she is a good role model. She's stayed clean in the industry, maintained a good reputation, and shows that you can pretty much accomplish whatever you set your goals to and look totally boss doing it. And I give her mad props for that.


Johnny Cakes said...

How could you leave out those HIPS! Yow! I want to live in her valley.

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