Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ugly Betty Coming To Broadway?

Rumors are running rampants that beloved sitcom "Ugly Betty" could soon be making it's debut on Broadway. Michael Urie, a producer, director and an actor who plays the character of Marc St. James on the show was recently heard discussing future plans for the musical on a British radio station. He thinks it would be a great idea and that the main cast should be incorporated, but for now the idea remains top secret. At first, I thought this would be a great idea. But I just don't know how they would make this television show into a Broadway play. I mean, they would have to write a solid script that would remain the same and run every night-whereas with the show, it evolves, chracters and plots change, etc. I would just hate to see such a cute show be ruined by a good idea that didn't pan out.


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