Monday, May 26, 2008

Who You Think You Is, Bitch?

Friends of Katie Holmes say that she is far from the shy, meek girl that she appears to be in front of the cameras. Behind closed doors, she's a total witch, treating the staff like those stereotypical crazy rich bitches in movies. You know, the ones that have too much money and time on their hands and put down the hired help because it makes them feel important and momentarily numbs the pain that they have no control in their relationship. NMSN says,
"Has fame and fortune gone to the head of Mrs. Tom Cruise? We hear that Katie Holmes has developed quite the attitude lately, treating her hired help like crap! That beacon of virtue and truth The National Enquirer reports that Katie has been bullying her household help, with sources saying living with Tom has changed her personality for the worse.
“She treats the help like slaves,” says the insider. “At times, she just leaves everything she doesn’t wear on the floor where it drops for the maids to hang up.
“That’s so unlike the old Katie, who would never want to be any trouble or be at all aloof.” And we thought she was just a Stepford robot these days! The insider also told of an incident where Katie took a sip of Tom’s “daily smoothie” after their housekeeper prepared it for him.
“One day, the housekeep was making Tom his daily smoothie and Katie came along and sipped a couple of inches from it. Then she told the housekeeper that she’d blame her for drinking it! She was just goofing around to see the woman squirm. The poor woman was terrified because she didn’t know what she was going to say to Tom.”
I don't know about you, but I can totally see this being true! And if so, it's like, who does she think she is? You were in Dawson's Creek, bitch! How people think having money makes them somehow better than "commoners" is beyond me. Those kinds of people need a serious kick in the ass.


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