Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whoopie Goldberg Gives Denise Richards a Good What For on "The View"

Boo-Yah Bitch! Whoopie totally calls that attention (and just plain regular) whore Denise Richards on "The View" and basically says just what I, and probably a billion other people wanted to say to her. Only Whoopie approaches it in a much more graceful manner than I would have. I would have began with, "Look here, bitch!..." But she's much classier than I am. Who can't see through her bullshit? That bitch is as fake as Britney's British accent and just as offensive to the public at large. She claims she doesn't want all this negative attention, yet she runs to every tabloid and does a reality show to air her dirty laundry. Someone refer her kids to a good therapist right away. They are so going to need it.


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