Friday, June 13, 2008

$2 Million Dollars of Fug

For the low, low price of just $2 Million, these tackalicious Stuart Weitzman shoes can be yours! Yes rich folk, you can show your friends just how much money you have to blow on fugly ass 'spensive shoes that look like DEB prom castoffs that were tossed out of a rented limo moments before a drunk teen waved goodbye to her virginity. The blue stones are 185 carats of tanzanite, and 28 carats of diamonds mounted on the sandal’s straps. But you can come over to my house and I'll Bedazzle the shit out of a pair of $12 Payless strappies for just $10. Same thing! I'll even write "Stuart Weitzman" on the inside with a Sharpie for no extra cost. Cause I love you, my little sunshine flower.


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