Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alanis Deal With Morons Wells

Alanis Morissette payed the Today show a little visit and if you ask me, she dealt with those knuckleheads with a lot of class and dignity. You get the total feeling those squares don't really have any idea who she is, despite their best efforts to pretend like they are cool and hip and down and fly and with it. They keep asking Alanis about her "joy and pain" and which is more prominent on this record. If I were her I would have just been like, "Did you even listen to the album? What, couldn't do a little research? I thought that was your job? And since you all are a bunch of pansies and keep beating around the bush, yes, some of these songs are about Ryan Reynolds, yes I want to beat Scarlett Johannson's ass, and yes I know I have gained a few extra pounds! And I'm double parked so are we done here?"


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