Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ali Larter Talks About Her Juicy Booty in Allure

Ali Larter, star of NBC's "Heroes" has an unbelievable body. I mean totally sick. In fact, if I could choose to have one star's figure, it would definetly be hers. She's in amazing shape and is super toned. However, in the latest issue of Allure magazine, the 32-year-old star revealed she was once told to lose weight by movie bosses but refused to conform to the idea of the perfect Hollywood body. She said, "When I was shooting a movie once, the faxes went out from the producers and the director to my agents to my manager to call me and ask me to lose weight. I just remember sitting in my trailer hysterically crying from the embarrassment I felt about myself, my body - and that no one could talk to me directly. I'm an indulger, but then I have to be good. When I'm in really good shape, I like my butt. It's juicy." Whoever told her to lose weight needs to sit the hell down. That girl is the picture of fitness. I totally want her as my gym partner. Plus she seems like a down to Earth, regular cool chick. And I definetely know what she's talking about refering to the juicy booty. All those tiny toothpicks in Hollywood that don't have a butt don't have one because they don't work out. When you're running, doing lunges, doing yoga, and biking, a juicy booty comes with the territory! It's a good thing! A badge of honor! An asset! Anyway, you can catch the whole article in July issue of Allure.


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