Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amy Winehouse Hospitalized!

Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital Monday after fainting in her home in London. The singer was taken by father Mitch after passing out and nearly falling down a flight of staris. She underwent a series of tests to determine the cause of the fainting, however, the results have come up inconclusive. The doctors are refusing to release her until they know what caused her episode. "Doctors want to get to the bottom of it before releasing her," Winehouse's London spokesman told People . "There will be further tests and they will keep her under observation. She seems to be fine ... but they are taking their time to be sure." Amy's dad admitted that she did attend rehab for 2 weeks in January, but did not successfully complete the program. "She didn't want to get clean then, but she's talking about it now," he told the U.K.'s Closer magazine. "She's nowhere near as bad as she was [then]. A nurse visits twice a day and we're kept well informed about how she's doing. She's making progress". I mean, I'm no doctor here, but I'm going to go ahead and say she probably fainted as a result of doing a billion drugs? And eating so poorly if at all for like, years? I hear that takes a pretty heavy toll on your ticker. See how that worked? You didn't even need to pay tens of thousands for tests. I hate to see her taking this path. She is such a tremendous talent, but with her being so addicted, it is difficult to imagine her overcoming her demons. I sure hope she does though. She has the ability to really do great things.


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