Sunday, June 22, 2008

And In Other Rich Hippies At The Beach News...

Deodorant haters Matthew McConaughey hey hey and baby incubator Camilla Alves were spotted where else? At the beach. Of course. If it's not at the beach it's eating granola by a beautiful tree at sunset or doing naked yoga before drinking au natural grass wheat smothies. These two were made for each other! I also think there are three things that should be noted about these pictures. 1.) Camilla manages to look better than 99% of women while at almost full term. Just another example that life is not fair. 2.) I love how Matthew is posing in that solo picture. "I'm just a dude. Hangin' Out. Bein' Free. JKL, dude. You gotta just keep livin' man." That's the dialogue I imagine is going on in his head most of the time. And 3.) He's drinking Corona in a can! I cannot let my husband see this. He will do some CSI shit to find out where they are in order to fullfill his lifelong Corona in a can search. Yes, you read me correctly. Don't you judge.



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