Thursday, June 12, 2008

Angelina Thinks We Care That Much. How Adorable.

Angelina Jolie recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which she spoke about her 1,750,942 children, her new movie "Changeling", and how much people hate her. Yeah right! The whole world worships this chick! They are totally erecting a "Our Lady of Angelina" church right across the street! Regardless, Queen Mother says that the more people hate on her, the more perfecter it makes her.
In many ways you’re a very polarizing figure. People either worship you or they can’t stand you. Have you thought about why that is?
I’d like to think it’s because I’m not neither here nor there in my life. I think anybody that makes a decision about where they stand is going to cause strong opinions about them. But I think that’s what you should be hoping for in life, so I take that as a very good sign. That some people support me and some people really don’t like me tells me that I’m making decisions and I’m standing strong for something I believe in. I’m making choices in life. And that’s the right thing to do.

Really Angie? Does it make you that much stronger? Does it make you work a little bit harder? Does it make you that much wiser? Do you thank them for making you a fighter? Oh, oh, oh oh? You can read the entire article here, but it's basically six pages of the same shit, including the interviewer jacking her off for singlehandedly saving the world and bringing sexy back. Oh, and BTW, what is up with that picture? I've seen more realistic looking work in "The Quest for Camelot". I can't even look at it. It's freaking me out.


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