Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As Natural As Silicon Breast Implants On a Border Collie Who Speaks French With An Italian Accent

Wow, just look at JLo's natural motherly instict! It is so clear and obvious that she does nothing but hold her little bundles of publicity for hours on end. Just look at the ease with which she holds what's his name. She doesn't look stiff and awkward at all! She especially doesn't look disgusted at the very thought that he might be transfering some of his dumb baby smell on her pristine $600 shirt. And of course she is not even considering giving him the toungue lashing of a lifetime if he dares to go poopey while she is in the middle of a photo op. I mean, cuddle time. No. JLo's definetely not holding him like he's a disgusting, soggy plate of melting, stinky brie. This is Madonna and Child if I have ever seen it. What a beautiful sight.


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