Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ashley Olsen and the Other One to Launch New Jewelry Line!

Queen Ashley and twin sis...Marsha? Marla? will be expanding their billion dollar empire by joining forces with jewelry desinger Robert Lee Morris to create an upcoming jewelry line. Morris, a leader in the art jewelry movement, will work with the twins (Ashley) designing looks that are true to the Olsen's eclectic and unique style. Pieces will include dagger necklaces as well as chunky rings and earings that the ladies are so fond of. The line, which will be called the Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James, will be launched in the upcoming months. I give a lot of flack to celebrity clothing lines, but I definetely don't put the Olsen's in that category. Those two live and breathe fashion. I look forward to seeing what the future holds not just for E&J but for their other high end line, The Row.


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