Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Call Off The Search Party! Little Orphan Zoe Has Been Found!

Whew! I can finally breath a sigh of relief and rest easy! Little Orphan Zoe is safe and sound. I was beginning to think she had gotten locked in the trash somewhere when she had gone dumpster diving, or met a moth ball that didn't agree with her. Luckily she is back and bitchier looking than ever. Just the way I love her! I also adore the hair. Don't get me wrong-if anyone can get away with that Edward Scissorhands hackjob she was rockin', it's definetely my little raggamuffin Zoe. But the long hair suits her much more. Don't worry me like that again Zoe, or else I'm going to have to send all the mice in Soho out a lookin' for you. And you know that's time they could be spending you making a dress out of lint and discarded beads.


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