Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cameron Diaz Calls Abercrombie & Bitch By Their Correct Name

Cameron Diaz argued with staff at an Abercromie & Fitch store when they wouldn’t provide her with a shirt that had “Jesus Goat” written on it. The staff told Cameron that she couldn’t have it because it was the last one. She then got pissed and called them “dick fiends.” Ha! I love it. Definete points for creativity. I haven't heard "dick fiends" used in quite some time, so I gotta give her props for bringing it back with a vengance. That being said, something tells me that she and I would get along famously. I mean, why even bother showcasing the shirt if you don't have any more to sell? It's like "Look at what we should be carrying but don't because we don't know how to accurately predict sales. We're dumbshits." Give her the last damn shirt and STFU Abercrombie. You should be lucky anyone shops their in the first place. Your shit sucks, it looks 10 years old, and is way overpriced. It's pretentious crap for preppies who want to look cool. Honestly, it's not fit to wipe my ass with.


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