Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cartier's 3rd Annual Loveday Celebration

Cartier hosted it's 3rd Annual Loveday Celebration in Los Angele on June 18th, and unlike Self's Rock Bodies party, celebs actually showed up. Yes, real celebs! Ones that star in movies and have hit records! For the most part everyone looked really smashing-particularly Hillary Duff who, had she iron or steamed her dress would have been positive perfection. That shade of blue complemeted both her skin tone and hair color beautifully. Also notice how similar both her and Fergie Ferg's shoes are? At first glance it appears they might be wearing the same ones. One star I think did miss the mark was Kimora Lee. I know she likes to squeeze herself into smaller sizes, but she's a model! She should know the fit is more important than the tag! I don't know what size she's wearing! If it looks tight and uncomfortable, she's going to look bigger than she is. Which she does here. Sorry.
Best Dressed: Fergie
Leave it to Fergie to dress outside of the box. Sometimes Ferg has a tendency to go overboard, but when she holds herself back just a bit, as she does here, she has the ability to set herself apart from the crowd while still pulling off a cool, stylishly chic look. I adore the kimono-like dress paired with the studded belt, and the little silver handbag is just the icing on the cake. So cute.
Worst Dressed: Ashanti
WHY do people keep trying to insist the cut out trend come back in style? It didn't look good when the back up singers for Color Me Badd wore it, and it doesn't look good now. And what is with that hair? Is that the wave?!? Are you serious with that? You are killing me! Did you lose a bet? Are you on a dare? Is someone holding your family in some sort of hostage situation? Blink twice if I am correct. I can only assume there is foul play at work here. I can think of no other reason for such bad fashion.
Joel Madden & Nicole Richie

Chloe Sevingy & Common

Emmy Rossum & Rosario Dawson

Kimora Lee Simmons & Haylie Duff

Eva Mendes and Fergie

Eve & Bridget Moynahan

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Janet Jackson and Frederic de Narp



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