Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chloe Sevigny Flip Book for Opening Ceremony

Indie goddess Chloe Sevigny is known for her quirky and fearless fashion sense. So when her recently launched line for Opening Ceremony hit boutiques across the country, it was no suprise that it sold out almost immediately. If you were disappointed by not getting the chance to snatch up one of her pieces, you can at least have the opportunity to look at them in her new book, "Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony". The book, which retails for $65, contains photographers of Chloe wearing her line from Opening Ceremony along with drawings that her friends Benjamin Cho, Rita Ackerman and Dan Colen contributed. Apparently the book also allows for mix-n-matching (think paper dolls for grownups). "You can kind of flip all the clothing around. You can kind of, like, mix the heads with the bodies," explained Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon. "It goes from a mini little Santa Claus to wearing Chloë's outfits. It's drawings, and there's transparencies. It's just a cool little book." Leon said Chloë came up for the idea for the book after shooting the look book for the line. "We brainstormed and talked about a flip book being a great idea," Leon said. "We really wanted to capture this kind of collaboration between her and Opening Ceremony, and I think we wanted the entire thing to feel really special." He added that Chloë directed the art for the whole book and "wanted it to feel very personal." A lot of people are not really digging this whole concept, but I like it. I wouldn't pay $65 for it, especially when you can probably find it used on Amazon in a month or two for significantly less, but still. All in all, the idea, like Chloe, is at least something different.


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