Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Christian Bale in June/July's "Details"

Christian Bale is the coverman for June/July's Detail's, but I have to totally agree with boyculture's statement that while the Bale is always going to look hot no matter what, this shoot isn't impressive. Just like Angie's recent VF shoot, when you have a subject that is really willing to go balls to the wall, you should probably take advantage of that. This is a dude who will starve himself to near death, who will take a beaten or administer one, who can make you hate him, make you love him, or make you want to rescue him from his own internal torment (as in on of the best movies ever, "Velevet Goldmine"), and you have him in some shots, sitting there talking on the phone like he's ordering pizza? And waiting for the pizza? And mad cause it hasn't arrived in 30 minutes or less? Come on! I want to see Bale adequately utelized! (see last picture from a prior photoshoot). Now THAT is Bale at his best.


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