Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Christina Does Everything Except Be a Mother

Since giving birth to son Max mere months ago, Christina Aguilera has been one busy lady doing everything but spend time with her son. Hey, who can blame her? Babies cry and poop themselves and give you the shifty eye all the time and who can tell what they're thinking? They don't even speak a real language! Bollocks with being a mom! Just toss the little bugger off on someone else. After all, that's why God made nannies. Anyway, Mommy of the Year held a Sex and the City themed party on Saturday in West Hollywood Drinks consisted of champagne cocktails named after the SATC characters, while dessert was “a cake designed with two Manolo Blahnik high heels made of sparkling sugar." She also played a clip from an earlier performance on SNL in which she played Samantha Jones (perfectly I might add). Sounds like fun! Who wants to spend time with your baby when you can get wasted as shit on tartinis and talk about a show that went off the air years ago? Lame ass babies! Tiny little buzzkillers!



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