Friday, June 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian UK Premiere

The Chronicles of Narnia had it's UK premiere last night. It was the UK's largest premiere ever, showing to over 10,000 people. That is a damnload. Can you imagine 10,000 people all in one place to see a movie? That is seriously pretty impressive. Anyway, I don't normally think kids are precious, but not only is this group totally adorable, they have names like "Popplewell" and "Skandar". But I really had to post them because 1.) How fabulous is that little girl Georgie? Too fabulous! and 2.) You see that sourpuss face that Thomas is making in that second picture? Same face in every photo! It's like "oh I'm sorry, are we diturbing your all too important XBox game time? Did you have a meeting with the U.N. you are missing to attend your premiere? The rest of them though are so cute I can barely stand it.
Georgie Henley & Thomas Sangster

Anna Popplewell and Ben Barnes

Annie Lennox & Skandar Keynes and William Moeley



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