Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daisy De La Hoya and Dave Navarro-It's True Love Forever! Until It's Divorce!

A few weeks ago Daisy De La Hoya and Dave Navarro were spotted out together at Crown Bar, letting the world know that they were exclusively passing the Herpes back and forth only to each other. How sweet! The two have since been seen on the scene together more frequently, with Daisy even making an appearance on Dave's "Spread TV". Is it love? I think so! Like I said before, if she wasn't meant to be his ex wife, I just don't know who was. These two were made to divorce each other. On a seperate note, according to wikipedia Daisy is not the niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya as she so adamantly claims. Now, I'm not sure who to believe because can't anyone write anything they want on Wikipedia? And of all celebrities, why in God's name would anyone choose Oscar De La Hoya? I guess because he's kind of obscure and out of left field? If so good choice, but still! Going on national television claiming to be related to a huge star would be about the dumbest thing I ever done heard. And that's saying a lot considering the caliber of people on reality tv.


Anonymous said...

Always liked Daisy msince 2009. What is she doing these days?

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