Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dave Navarro Asking Daisy De La Hoya On A Date On His Show

So I guess Daisy De La Hoya and Dave Navarro had never met prior to her coming on his show, "Spread TV". But in this clip of her appearing on his show, it is obvious that he is a TOTAL smitten kitten. He asks her out on a date, and states that while he has no idea who any of the other reality tv "hacks" are, he has heard basically nothing but awesome things about her. He goes on and on, gushing about how wondermous she is, almost to the point of awkwardness! I don't know who the other guest sitting next to her is, but he looks like he is looking for the nearest exit. Third wheel alert! What is wierd about the appearance though is that she is listed as "Daisy Graves". Say huh? So is she really not related to Oscar De La Hoya like I stated the other day? Come clean Daisy! Just like on ROL that girl is more questions than answers! There's still something about her though. Damn that Daisy and her hypnotic ways!


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