Sunday, June 15, 2008

Decrepit Boulder Hospitalized For Dehydration

Decrpit Boulder aka Kid Rock was scurried off the hospital on Friday mere moments before he was due to perform at the Download Festival in England. Shocking, I know. I also can't believe anyone would hire Kid Rock to perform. The only thing I might pay Kid Rock to do is the promtly bring me my number 5 with a Diet Coke and no pickles. But moving on. Rock was due to hit the stage at 3:30, but a few minutes prior an announcent came over the PA saying that he was not feeling well and would be unable to play. Pussy! Rock's rep released a statement saying that he had stomach pains and was suffering from dehydration, but He had reportedly attended a late-night event at Central London's Whisky Mist nightclub that had gone on until the break of dawn. Liar! Kid Rock's integrity is questionable! The performer had stirred controversy in the U.K. earlier in the week after telling a black interviewer that he thought the confederate flag was "cool". Of course he did! Have you seen this douchebag? This is not suprising! Furthermore, I don't know how these Hollywood bitches are always playing the damn dehydration card. My ass has never been severly dehydrated. Have you? I mean, are their body's somehow programmed differently? I would really like to smack a bitch.


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