Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner Honoring Nelson Mandela

Last night the celebs came out to attend a dinner in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrating his 90th birthday, at Hyde Park in London, England. The dinner raised funds for Madiba's global charity projects, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664. While many in the cast of characters were names you would have expected (Oprah, Denzel, Bill Clinton), what was up with Kim Cattrall and Kelly Preston being there? Random! When I think Mandela I think freedom fighter. When I think Kelly Preston I think psycho Scientologist chick who hides her autistic son from the world because according to Scientology, autism isn't real, so she refuses to get her son the medical or scientific help he needs. I guess technically Kelly Preston is also a freedom fighter, because she's pretty much fighting her son's ability to work through his condition. Anyway, from a fashion perspective I adored Uma Thurman's dress and was really in love with Jada Pinkett Smith's do. Like a modern twist on the Josephine Baker. Love it.
P.S. That pic of Mandela was taken this morning. The rest are from lat night.

Angel and Devil

Jada and Will Smith

Uma Thurman

Denzel Washington and wife Pauletta & Annie Lennox

Gordon Ramsay and wife Tania

Naomi Campbell

Neil Diamond & Bill and Chelsea Clinton

Forest Whitaker and wife Keisha & Bob Geldof

Oprah the Almighty

Pierce Brosnan

Leona Lewis

Kim Cattrall

Robert De Niro and wife Grace Hightower & Kelly Preston



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