Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeling Blue

Rumer Willis tried some blueblueblue contacts on for size at some OP event and I have to tell you, I likes it. I know everyone always busts on Rumer, saying she looks like Jay Leno's love child, but I think everyone needs to shove off with that noise. She totally works what she's got and looks fabulous in my opinion. If someone doesn't like something about themselves nowadays, they just run to their nearest plastic surgeon and voila! Instant self confidence, right? Wrong! Self confidence comes from within and it is totally apparent to me that Rumer feels great about herself. So what if she has a big chin? It is a feature that makes her look unique and stand out in a city full of carbon copied bobbleheaded sluts and bottle blondes. I say bitch better work with her bad ass self and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss her au natural ass. And mine.



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