Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Look At Tom Ford's "White Patchouli" feat. Erykah Badu!

Here's a look at Tom Ford's latest fragrance called "White Patchouli". What makes this scent so special compared to Tom's previous endeavors? Why, the fact that he is featuring coolest chick in the world (and our very first Slacker Chic of the Month) Erykah Badu!!! you hear that? That is the sound of me squealing like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. The ad featuring Ms. Badu was shot by Mert and Marcus and will break out in US magazines in September (which is also the month the product will hit stores). Ford said, "I wanted to continue with that stylized, glossy image [which the designer started with his Black Orchid fragrance ads in 2006]," said Ford. "And not too many people are doing black-and-white ads right now, which was also a consideration." On the decision of what type of fragrance to choose, he also said, "For this project, I wanted to reinvent patchouli," [...] "I loved the idea of mixing patchouli with white florals. We used patchouli orpur, which takes out some of the darker, smoky notes of patchouli. We mixed that with peony, bergamot, and jasmine" Additional notes include rose, coriander, and ambrette seed."......
Personally I think muskier scents are really sexy on a woman, and can't wait to get a whiff of the new perfume. I also think Erykah couldn't have been a better choice to represent the brand. She is the perfect combination of natural, Earthy, feminine and mystertious, which "White Patchouli" seems to be all about.



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