Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Four Words You Never Wanted To Hear: Kristin Davis Clothing Line

Gross!!! Hag Kristin Davis is going to release her own clothing line to be sold by (it gets worse) Belk. Yes, Belk. I jut regurgitated my cheerios. Disguting. Davis said she shopped their all the time growing up, as it was one of the nicest places they had to shop. “I grew up shopping at Belk. It was one of the nicest stores we had, and I would save up my allowance to go.” Nast. Davis’s line will be moderately priced, and offer up everything from sportswear, active wear, sleep wear, hand bags, belts and foot wear. (Translation: "Give me yo' money, bitches! SATC royalties aren't enough and we know no one else will hire my ass!") Belk, who recently celebrated their 120th anniversary said it will be the biggest launch yet, and also their first celebrtiy apparel line.
The southern-inspired designs (pastel and Laura Ashley!!!!) will be produced by LFUSA Regatta, the proprietary brand group of Li & Fung who’s collection also includes Kohl’s Simply Vera Vera Wang, Daisy Fuentes, Wal Mart’s Metro 7, and the new LL Cool J collection for Sears. Look, just because you were on a show where you played a fashionista, doesn't mean you are qualified to design clothes. Do you see Tom Hanks claiming that he is an astronaut because he was in Apollo 13? Does Julia Roberts think she can fly because she played Tinkerbell? No! It was make believe! Not real life! So sit your dumb ass down! I am so sick of these bitches thinking they are qualified! Where are your credentials?!? Where did you go to school? I guess all those fashion designers who worked their asses off at FIT just wasted their time and money and brain power then? Ugh. I could really smack a bitch.



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