Sunday, June 8, 2008

From the Twisted Mind of Marie Osmond, Creator of "The Marie Osmond Dolls"

JeSUS! If there is something scary and creepier than a Donny Osmond doll, please, tell me. Or maybe don't. Because if there is something creepier than this, I may never sleep again. Seriously this is the kind of doll they make horror movies about! The kind that slowly turn their head and look at you out of the corner of their eyes and when you glance over, having the eerie sensation that the devil is watching you, there is no one there. Except, wait a minute. Was that doll like that before? Oh well. Must be your imagination. Until you awake that night to find it standing over your bed saying, "Do you want to play with meeeeee?!?" holding a tiny little hatchet and singing "Are you Lonesome Tonight". This is some "Dead Silence" shit right here. And me no want! What kind of masochist would buy that damn doll? Freaky!


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