Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great. Now I Have To Boycott Heinz Ketchup.

So Heinz recently featured a television commercial for their product Heinz Deli Mayo of two dudes who are evidently supposed to be hubands kissing. I'm not even talking sexy kissing. I'm talking a peck on the lips. Total grandma action. Nevertheless, Heinz decided to pull the ad after receiving 200 complaints in one week from people who I could only describe a prejudice bigots. They claimed that the ad was "offensive", "unsuitable to be seen by children", and forced them to explain same sex relationships to their kiddies. Heinz responded by saying, "It is our policy to listen to consumers." First of all, um, I can't even believe we as a society are allowing such blantant prejudice morons to shape the fabric of our culture! These are the same types of people who, fifty years ago, considered interacial relationships or women and blacks voicing their opinions as "offensive". Caving in to this kind of bullshit is not something that anyone should condone. I don't care if it means I have to eat generic ketchup forever! I also think that giving in to 200 Bible beating inbreds means shunning thousands of customers who won't tolerate blantant discriminatory behavior. Although, I can sort of see where these protesting parents are coming from. Why would you want to explain a loving same sex relationship to your child when you could instead teach them about hate, self righteousness and persecuting others. I mean, that is what Jesus was totally all about! Way to instill the values and morals!


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