Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow in July's Harper's Bazaar

This chick is so freakin' boring I can't stand it. She's like low fat, flavorless yogurt. Sure it's not fattening, but so what? It tates like absolute shit, looks gross, and when added to anything else-no matter how delicious, sucks all the goodness out of them as well, turning them into a bland, gross, boring blob of useless goop. She totally think she's low fat yougurt with all the taste of a full flavored Dannon but you know what Paltrow? You're not. You're stale, dull, and not that smart. And you know what else? You're not even name brand. That's right. You're generic. ON SALE! With a coupon! AND marked down! Boo-yah.


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