Friday, June 27, 2008

Hulkster Says He Still Loves Linda

Hulk Hogan revealed to People that he still unconditionally loves his ex-wife Linda - even though she filed for divorce and is currently banging the most unfortunate looking 19 year old in the history of mankind. Hulk still keeps that flame a'burinin' though saying "I unconditionally love my wife, even though we're not together anymore. The Linda that I know was a great mother and a great person." He also blames the demise of their relationship on their reality show stating
"I just think the reality show amplified the problems that were already there." No shit! What couple has benefitted from reality tv cameras following them around every waking moment? I would be wanting to divorce myself if I had to deal with that mess. The Hulkster also goes on to say that his relationship with Brooke, 20, "was strained for a while" after Brooke learned that Hogan had a brief fling with one of her close friends, a woman in her 30s. "Brooke has gone through a range of emotions," Hogan says. "She was a little confused about who everybody was, and maybe had misinformation, but right now Brooke understands who I am, and who her mom is, and what's real and not real. She's doing real well now." Um...what? He's talking about Brooke like she's a 4 year old who doesn't know how to receive daddy and mommy's new "special friends". I'm pretty sure she probably had a fairly good grasp on what was going down. Daddy was dating one of her BFFs and Mommy's dating someone young enough to be her child and who can't even legally drink. Seems like she's the mature one in this family.


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