Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Am So Embarrassed For Scarlett Johansson Right Now

A few weeks ago, Scarlett Johansson went and flapped her trapper about how she and Obama are like, total BFF's and have been emailing each other back and forth all the time for months. Months! She went on to say she was "amazed" that he always found the time to reply. "You'd imagine that someone like the senator who is constantly travelling and constantly 'on' - how can he return these personal emails?" she told the Politico website. "But he does, and in his off-time I know he also calls people who have donated the minimum to thank them." She even went so far as to go into detail about one of their chatty Kathy convos, saying that after a tough debate, she sent an email congratulating him for "holding his ground" to which he responded that the questioning was "difficult" and he was being pounded with "one silly question after another."
However, while speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane, Obama said the actress doesn’t have his personal email address. “She sent one email to Reggie, who forwarded it to me,” Obama said, referring to his 26-year-old personal assistant, Reggie Love. “I write saying, ‘thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,’ and suddenly we have this email relationship.” Oh! Busted! I surely hope Obama locks all his doors at night and doesn't come home to find the family bunny boiling in a pot of water one day, cause this is some Fatal Attraction shit right here. Bitch is just making up entire conversations! On the crazy tip for real! ScarJo probably thinks she and Obama are married, have a house in the Hamptons, two children, a dog, and a goldfish named Mr. Twinkles. They both belong to the PTA, she does does the laundry, but he does the dishes, and every Tuesday they go to the movie theatre downtown that plays the classics from the 40's and 50's. He gets Sour Gummi Worms and she gets Gobstoppers but most of the time they share! I bet she totally scribbles "Mrs. Scarlett Obama" all over her scripts.



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