Monday, June 16, 2008

I Thought You Said The Pics Were Photoshopped?

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, Mischa! When photos of a cellulite laden Mischa Barton, better known as bitch who should be grateful for getting her picture taken at all, came out, Mischa cried foul play, claiming that the pics must have been photoshopped to make her appear to have a severe case of the cottage cheese ass. However here I think you can plainly see that Mischa is just a big old liarmouth. I mean, to be fair, (even though I hate her), I do believe she was a victim of bad lighting, making the cellulite appear to be worse than it was. I know that women the world over have cellulite that is much worse than this. And I wouldn't be harping on it if this dumb ho hadn't made so many comments about how it's sooooo much more difficult to be one of the "pretty people" and how life is so much harder when you are soooo hot. Therefore, I feel that she hasn't just opened the door to criticism, she has busted it down, put up fliers directing you to it, and put out an ad in the daily paper inviting you to bust her chops. You know, seeing as how she is so much hotter and genetically superior to us "regular" folk. And btw, this outfit is so hideous, that there are no words to describe just how truely awful it is. Just say no to fringe, kids!


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