Monday, June 23, 2008

Ice-T and Soulja Boy Trade Verbal Bitch Slaps

Ok so here's what went down: Ice-T recently did an interview with DJ Cisco from Chicago in which he spoke ill about Soulja Boy. He said that the 17 year old's hit song "Superman" is "garbage" and that he single handidly killed hip hop. How does Soulja Boy respond? The way any mature 17 year old who can't legally vote or move out of mommy and daddy's house would: by posting a message on You Tube. Verbal battles are so high tech now! To sum up Souja's eloquently worded diss, he says Ice-T is old and is basically jealous that no one wants to hear him rap anymore. Well excuse me! Someone must be all kinds of cranky cause they missed their naptime! You can hear both sides of the story below. But here's my opinion. Ice T is a legend. LEGEND! That man is one of the creators of the game, and Soulja Boy should be thanking him for paving the way. What's more, Ice-T's lyrics had thought behind them. Poetry, prose, and a point. WTF kind of lyrics are to "Superman"? That shit is stupid! You may bounce to it in the club, but you know it's dumb as fuck. I think Soulja should get his paci and sit his ass down. Oh, and btw, Ice-T's been playing Fin on SVU for 11 years now. Primetime, bitch! You're telling me that's not relevant? Child should really do his homework on one of the founding fathers of his genre. I totally heart Ice-T.
Ice-T's Side of the Story

Soulja Boy's Rebuttal



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