Thursday, June 5, 2008

It'll Be Great! Vote Mary Carey in '08!

One of my new favorites and gorgeous lady extraordinaire, Mary Carey, is once again running for political office! Come Nov. 4, she’ll be on the ballot for the California State Assembly in District 43 (as Mary “Carey” Cook). In a statement, Mary stated her intentions for running for office:
“I have always loved politics and know that the State Assembly would be a better position to begin my career in politics. I want to energize people into caring about local politics again – much like we’ve seen in the national primaries. But unlike one of the presidential primary contenders, I’m actually a politician you’d want to get screwed by!”
I am five seconds away from throwing a few clothes in a bag, grabbing my dogs, and hopping the first flight to California. I can live with my sister in law and become a CA resident by November, right? Wait, what ticket is she running on? Indepent? Good enough. Count me in. Now, you might think Mary is all bollucks, but take a look at some of her main platform points from her 2003 campaign:
*Legalize same-sex marriage. (Yes, ahead of her time)
*Tax breast implants.
*Create a "Porn for Pistols" program to reduce the number of handguns.
*Make those drawing unemployment insurance do jury duty for their pay.
*Address the AIDS epidemic.
You've got my vote, Mary!



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