Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears Pops!

After being pregnant for 567 months, Jamie Lynn Spears has finally given birth to a baby girl, People reports. Britney, Daddy Jamie, and brother Bryan flew in yesterday to offer moral support and also to be on hand to help with assisting J.L. in anything she might need. Hey, those Marlboro Lights ain't gonna git themselves! Anyway, it has been confirmed that Jamie and baby daddy Casey Aldridge have named their little budle of unexpected joy Maddie Briann. Aw! Boring! I was expecting something super trashy like Bobbi Jo Britny Sue or Cleetus Brown Billy Bob. A source says that the birth took place around 9:30 A.M. at a hospital in Mississippi and that "Just the family was there." They also added that "Everyone is healthy and happy." the body. Probably not so much in the brain. Saying the Spears family is healthy in the brain is a pretty bold statement. Anyway, congratulations to the happy 12 year old parents! Let's all join hands and sing "Brendaaaa's got aaaaaa babyyyyyy!"


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