Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Jessica Simpson Lingerie Line

Jessica Simpson is now setting her blurry sites on the world of lingerie design. You know, because why the hell not? The collection of bras, undies, sleepwear and daywear will hit major department stores and online shopping sites just in time for spring ‘09. Jessica tells Women’s Wear Daily, “I like different lingerie for different occasions. I think that’s the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood.” She also promises to included a stylish assortment of shapewear so women no longer need to worry about panty lines. Ugh. First of all, with as many goddamned celebrity clothing lines that have emerged in just the past few weeks, I really should have a pre-written script of sorts. One where I just insert whatever dumbshit's name who thinks that despite fact that they have no schooling or training, their famous name qualifies them to be a skilled designer. It would save tons of time! Secondly, perhaps Jessica should focus her energy on trying to be good at one thing, instead of being mediocre-to-shitty at a whole bunch of things. I'm just saying! It might help.


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