Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JLo Is Incapable

Ok so a couple of weeks ago, night of the living dead, Marc Anthony went on a radio show and was talking about how he and Jennifer Lopez are caring for their babies by themselves without the help of nannies or butlers or assistants or guardian angels or hair stylists or manicurists or leprechauns. He said, “It’s just us… we’re figuring it out and having a great time.” It seems what he really meant by that was, "JLo's mom is staying with us and we're making her do all the work." In Touch reports:
"Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, is such a doting grandmother to babies Emme and Max that she’s now livin in her daughter’s Long Island estate. “Jennifer has been having her mom stay at their home to help out with the kids. She likes having her around, even if it’s just to ask her advice,” says an insider…"
So first of all, Marc has kids already, so what is there to "figure out"? Which end the bottle goes in? Where the poopie comes from? Isn't this shit you should already know? And I love how they need all this help, and are expecting everyone to be so proud that two jerks in their mid 30's are "figuring out" how to raise babies on their own. Morons! I have had friends who have been barely out of their teens who have raised children on their own and they haven't complained or needed nearly as much help as these two whiney rich bitches. If you can't "figure out" how to raise babies on your own in your mid thirties, than you probably shouldn't have them.


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